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The indicated settings in the following screenshots are similar for both grid and carousel sliders.

  1. Post Type: This option lets you choose the type of post you want to show in your slider. Two available options are Pages and Post.
  2. Layout: The option lets you choose the type of slider you want to add. There are four layout options available, Carousel, Grid, Sortable Grid, and Masonry. Among them, Masonry is available only on the pro version.
    How to change themes?
  3. Select Theme: There are 21 themes available, 4 of them are free. You can choose either of them to give your Carousel/Grid a distinguish look.
  4. Total Posts: This option lets you configure the number of posts you want to show on your Carousel/Grid.
  5. Display Post From: You can choose to Display Post from your Latest Posts or your Older Posts. On the pro version, there is eight more option that you can choose from.
  6. Display Header Title: You can choose to show a Title for your Carousel/Grid, just turn it on and set the text you want to have as the Title.

  1. Display Title: Here you can choose whether you want to show the full title or not.
  2. Display Content: Turn this on to show content from the post (like a preview).
  3. Content Word Limit: Let’s you choose how many words you want the content to be limited to on your Carousel/Grid.
  4.  Read More: Whether to show the Read More option after the Content.
  5.  Read More Type: Read More can be shown either as a Link or a Button, you can choose it from here.
  6.  Display Author Name: Whether to show the Author Name on each item.
  7.  Display Date: Whether to show the posting Date on each item.
  8.  Display Term: Whether to show posts Taxonomy info on each item.
  9.  Term Item: You can choose which Taxonomy you want to show. You can choose from Category, post_tag, post_format

Term Item: Category

Term Item: post_tag

Term Item: post_format

  1.  Enable Image Resizing & Cropping: The slider might look very unappealing if the product images are of different sizes. In that case, the image resizes and crop features can be very handy. It will take out the hassle of editing the media files.
  2.  Image Width: You can manually increase/decrease the image width here which will be used during image resizing and cropping.
  3.  Image Height: Similar to the last option. The pixel set here will be used as product height during cropping and resizing the image.