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Best Free Forum Submission Sites

Top 5+ Best Free Forum Submission Sites for Improved SEO

Even in the breeze of technology, securing high-quality backlinks remains a crucial strategy for boosting website visibility and search engine rankings. Among the effective techniques to achieve this goal is forum submission, which involves strategically placing relevant and informative posts on relevant forums.

However, not all forums are created equal. To ensure maximum impact, it’s essential to focus on high-authority and niche-specific forums that cater to your target audience. With that keeping in mind, we have outlined this article with an array of the best free forum submission sites that not only improve your SEO score but also increase online visibility.

Before digging deeper, let me give you some words on the Forum in case you didn’t know about it.

What Does Forum actually Mean?

A forum, in its most general sense, refers to a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular topic can be exchanged. It can take various forms, both online and offline, but the term is commonly associated with online discussion platforms.

In the context of the internet, an online forum is a platform where users can discuss various topics by posting messages. These messages are typically organized into threads or discussions based on specific subjects. Forums can cover a wide range of topics, and users can participate by creating new threads, replying to existing ones, and engaging in conversations with other users.

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What’s more, forums serve as a way for people to share information, seek advice, express opinions, and connect with others who have similar interests. Hence, they have been a popular means of online communication for many years, though other social media platforms and communication tools like HelpGent have gained prominence in recent times.

Types of Forum Posting Sites

Forum sites cover a wide range of topics, and users can post messages, ask questions, and share their knowledge. Here are some common types of forum posting sites.

i. General discussion forums

These forums cover a broad range of topics, allowing users to discuss anything from hobbies and lifestyle to current events. Take Reddit, Quora, etc. for example.

ii. Niche forums

It focuses on specific topics or industries, such as technology, gaming, health, finance, or any other niche interest. Stack Overflow (programming), BabyCenter (parenting), etc. are some examples of niche forums.

iii. Question and answer forums

In these forums like Quora, users ask questions, and others provide answers. These forums can be great for seeking advice or sharing knowledge.

iv. Support forums

These are dedicated to providing support for specific products, services, or software. Users can seek help, troubleshoot issues, and share solutions.

v. Industry-specific forums

They are geared towards professionals in a specific industry, allowing them to discuss trends, challenges, and solutions. Warrior Forum (internet marketing), and Spiceworks (IT professionals) are two prominent industry-specific forums.

vi. Product or service forums

Apple Support Communities and Google Help Forums are two forums created by companies for users to discuss their products or services, share tips, and seek help.

vii. Regional forums

In this wing, people move towards discussions about specific regions or locations, covering local news, events, and issues. City-Data Forum and Expatriates Forum are two prominent platforms dedicated to regional forums.

viii. Interest-based forums

These types of forums are centered around hobbies or interests, providing a space for enthusiasts to share experiences and knowledge. You can use Digital Photography Review and Bodybuilding.com Forums as interest-based forums.

ix. Community support forums

WordPress Support Forums and Joomla Forum are two community support forums created to provide support and troubleshooting for specific platforms or software.

x. Educational forums

Take Student Doctor Network (medical students), and College Confidential (college admissions) as examples of educational forums that are aimed at students or professionals seeking advice and information related to education and career paths.

Why Are Forum Posting Sites Important?

Forum posting sites can be important for various reasons, depending on the context and goals of users or businesses. Here are some common reasons why forum posting sites are considered important:

Information sharing and knowledge exchange

Forums provide a platform for users to share information, experiences, and knowledge on specific topics. This knowledge exchange can be valuable for individuals seeking advice, solutions to problems, or in-depth discussions on various subjects.

Community building

Forum posting helps in building online communities where like-minded individuals can connect and engage in discussions. This sense of community fosters relationships and can lead to long-term engagement and collaboration.

SEO benefits

Forum posts can contribute to search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Quality forum posts with relevant content and links can improve a website’s search engine rankings. However, it’s crucial to avoid spammy practices and focus on providing value to the community.

Market research

Forums can serve as a valuable resource for market research. Businesses can monitor discussions related to their industry, products, or services, gaining insights into customer needs, preferences, and concerns.

Networking and promotion

Forum posting allows individuals and businesses to network with others in the same industry or with similar interests. It can also serve as a platform for subtle self-promotion, provided it aligns with the forum’s guidelines and is done in a non-intrusive manner.

Problem-solving and support

Users often turn to forums to seek solutions to problems they encounter. Participating in forum discussions allows individuals or businesses to offer assistance, showcase expertise, and provide support to those in need.

Brand building and credibility

Active participation in forums can help build a positive online presence and enhance the credibility of individuals or businesses. Providing helpful and relevant information establishes expertise in a particular field.

Feedback and improvement

Forums can be a source of valuable feedback. Individuals and businesses can receive feedback on their products, services, or ideas, enabling them to make improvements and adjustments based on user input.

Social interaction

Forum posting provides a social platform for users to interact with each other. This social element is often a key aspect of online communities, fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging continued participation.

Do Forum Posting Sites Have Disadvantages?

Forum posting sites can have disadvantages, and it’s important to be aware of them before actively participating in or relying on such platforms. Here are some common drawbacks associated with forum posting sites.

  • Lack of credibility: Because anyone can post on a forum, there is a risk that some of the information shared may not be accurate or reliable. Users should always be cautious and verify information before relying on it.
  • Trolling and spam: Forum posting sites are vulnerable to trolling and spam, which can create a negative or disruptive environment for users. Moderators can help to minimize this, but it can still be a problem on some forums.
  • Echo chambers: Forums can sometimes become echo chambers, where users only hear from people who share their opinions. This can lead to a lack of diversity of thought and can make it difficult to learn new things.
  • Time commitment: Participating in forums can be time-consuming. Users need to take the time to read and write posts, and they may also need to keep up with threads that they are interested in.
  • Lack of accountability: Users on forums can be anonymous, which can lead to a lack of accountability. People may be more likely to say things that they would not say in person, which can lead to offensive or hurtful behavior.

Top 5+ Best Free Forum Submission Sites That Truly Work

We have handpicked some of the best free Forum Submission Sites that work like magic to improve SEO scores. So, let’s get cracking with them.

1 . Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is one of the most well-known online forums for internet marketers and entrepreneurs. It covers a wide range of topics related to digital marketing, online business, and making money online. Members share insights, ask questions, and engage in discussions about various aspects of online business.

2. Digital Point

Digital Point is a popular online community that focuses on discussions related to internet marketing, SEO, web development, and online business. It features forums where users can exchange ideas, seek advice, and discuss various aspects of online entrepreneurship.

3. SitePoint Forums

SitePoint Forums cater to web developers, designers, and other professionals in the field of web development. It provides a platform for discussing web design, programming languages, and other technical aspects of building and maintaining websites.

4. SEO Chat Forums

SEO Chat Forums are dedicated to search engine optimization discussions. It covers topics such as SEO strategies, tools, and updates related to search engine algorithms. Members share their experiences, ask questions, and provide advice on optimizing websites for search engines.

5. WebmasterWorld

WebmasterWorld is a long-standing forum that focuses on webmaster and website-related discussions. It covers a broad spectrum of topics, including SEO, online advertising, website monetization, and site management. It’s a platform where webmasters and site owners can exchange knowledge and insights.

6. CNET Forums

CNET Forums are part of the CNET technology news and reviews website. The forums cover a wide range of technology-related topics, including discussions about gadgets, software, hardware, and technology trends. It’s a place where tech enthusiasts gather to share opinions and seek assistance.

7. BlackHatWorld

BlackHatWorld is a forum that primarily focuses on discussions related to black hat SEO, internet marketing, and online money-making methods. It’s known for its discussions on tactics that may be considered outside traditional ethical boundaries, so users should exercise caution and adhere to ethical practices.

How to Get Do-Follow Backlinks from High PR Forum Posting Sites?

Acquiring do-follow backlinks from high PR forum posting sites can significantly enhance your website’s SEO performance. These backlinks not only boost your website’s authority but also drive referral traffic, ultimately improving your search engine rankings. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to effectively obtain do-follow backlinks from high PR forum posting sites.

i. Identify relevant forums

Begin by identifying forums that align with your website’s niche or industry. Utilize search engines to find relevant forums, considering factors such as domain authority (DA), page rank (PR), and traffic levels. Prioritize forums that actively engage users and allow do-follow backlinks.

ii. Create a strong profile

Once you’ve selected the forums, create a compelling profile for each site. Include a brief bio, website link, and relevant keywords. Ensure your profile reflects your expertise and provides value to the forum community.

iii. Engage in meaningful discussions

Avoid simply posting backlinks; instead, actively participate in forum discussions. Provide insightful and valuable contributions that demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Engage with other users and build relationships within the community.

iv. Contribute valuable content

Go beyond simply responding to existing topics. Create your threads and share informative content that benefits the forum community. This could include sharing blog posts, infographics, or industry insights.

v. Provide contextual backlinks

When incorporating backlinks, ensure they are relevant to the discussion topic. Avoid spamming or placing backlinks in inappropriate sections. Contextual backlinks add value to the content and are more likely to be appreciated by users.

vi. Adhere to forum guidelines

Each forum has its own set of rules and guidelines. Carefully review these guidelines and follow them strictly to avoid any penalties or account suspensions. Respect the forum’s policies to maintain a positive reputation.

vii. Be patient and persistent

Building backlinks takes time and consistent effort. Don’t expect immediate results. Stay active on the forums, continue providing valuable contributions, and gradually establish yourself as a trusted member.

viii. Utilize backlink monitoring tools

Employ backlink monitoring tools to track your progress and identify any potential issues. These tools can help you ensure your backlinks are active and do-follow.

ix. Diversify your backlink strategy

While forum posting is an effective strategy, don’t rely solely on it. Diversify your backlink profile by pursuing other methods, such as guest blogging, social media engagement, and content syndication.

x. Monitor and maintain backlinks

Regularly check your backlinks to ensure they are still active and contributing to your SEO efforts. If any backlinks are lost or become nofollow, take steps to resolve the issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are all forum submission sites free?

No, not all forum submission sites are free. While many platforms allow free participation, some may have premium features or require a paid membership for additional benefits.

How do I find relevant forums for my niche?

You can use search engines or online forum directories to find forums related to your niche. Look for forums where your target audience is active and engaged in discussions.

What types of content can I post on forum submission sites?

You can post a variety of content, including text-based discussions, questions, answers, and links to relevant articles or resources. However, it’s essential to follow each forum’s guidelines and rules.

Are there any risks associated with using forum submission sites?

Overly promotional behavior or spamming can result in penalties, including account suspension. Some forums may have strict rules about promotional content, so it’s crucial to respect each community’s guidelines.


When selecting the best free forum submission sites, it’s crucial to prioritize relevance, community engagement, and moderation. Choosing forums aligned with your niche and interests, with active and well-moderated communities, can significantly enhance the value of your contributions.

Truly, a user-friendly interface, clear backlink policies, and consideration of factors such as traffic, longevity, and mobile compatibility further contribute to a positive forum experience. Regular evaluation of the forum’s impact and adapting your strategy accordingly will ensure that your participation remains effective over time.

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