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Post Grid, Slider & Carousel Roadmap

We are happy to share the roadmap of our journey with you.

Save Templates
  • Build Unlimited Templates with Shortcodes for Easy Implementation
  • Create your own customized Gutenberg blocks
  • Make the most of the Saved Templates Addon by using it with Elementor.
Popup Integration & Variation
  • Detail page link type (popup, single page, none).
  • Popup type (single and multi popup preview with navigation).
  • Popup width & height and change popup content, overlay, background color.
Animation Builder

Animate your blocks with our powerful animation builder tool.

  • 20+ Animation type for the overlay content on hover.
  • Animation on hover, overlay, loading etc.
Global Styles

Global styles let you predefind your assets from the beginning of the development.

  • Predefined Typography, Colors, Spacing & Breakpoints.
  • Hover, Animation Settings
More Features
  • Offset options (number of items to skip from first).
  • Sticky posts (normal position, top of the list, hide sticky posts).
  • Include, exclude post or page by ID, title (enter post IDs, or type to search by title).
  • Offset options (number of items to skip from first).
  • 3 Content orientations (default classic, left image, right image, overlay, card, overlay box), and 8 positions.
Under Consideration
Gutenberg Block Library Variation
  • Postgrid features a wide range of ready-made design blocks for you to use on your posts/page.
  • All of these ready-made blocks feature endless customization features for you to explore your creativity. Just click, choose and import!
  • Starter-pack combination of the clean ready-made post blocks.
Under Consideration
Advanced Query Builder
  • Pick appropriate posts for showcasing with the Quick Query Picker dropdown.
  • You can easily show specific categorical posts and narrow them down using the Taxonomy Value.
  • There are dedicated buttons and filters to help you order your posts by date, order, value number, and more.
Under Consideration
AJAX Filtering and Pagination
  • Enable high-level filtering using specific filter customizations along with the appropriate filter value.
  • Easily add custom pagination with different designs, positioning, and design properties with proper responsiveness.
  • You can not only change the text but also make design changes with the appropriate styling and slider controls.
Under Consideration
Archive Builder
  • A Powerful Tool for Creating Archive Pages with Ease
  • The Archive builder lets you choose your archive page type and shows you the available options to showcase it.
  • You have the choice to display the template to category, date, author, post_tag, and other pages while being specific.
  • You have the option to offer a fully customized experience using the Archive Builder.
  • You have the liberty to create highly customized pages and work with the templates.
Under Consideration
More Features
  • Accessibility settings for blind people.
  • Custom CSS and JS fields.
  • Image mode (grayscale), zoom effects.
  • Overlay content visibility: always & on hover and overlay color type (solid & gradient).
Show/Hide Post Title, Content, Image, Author Name, Date, Category, etc.e

Display your posts by showing/hiding post title, content, image, author name, date, category, etc.

Multiple Options for Post Terms Such As Category, Post Tag, or Post Format

You can use multiple options to classify your post terms such as category, post tag, or post format.

Control Font Size, Weight, Alignment of Post Title and Content

Make your posts more eye-catching by adjusting the font size, weight, alignment of the post title, and content.

Specify the Scrolling Direction and Speed

You can help readers adjust their vision more comfortably by specifying the scrolling direction and speed of your posts.

Dynamic Ajax Pagination

Don’t let your users get bored just only for slow-loading pages. Display ajax pagination to address users with a faster page loading experience.

Social Share Buttons

You can share your blog posts more quickly among different social media platforms using the ‘Social Share’ buttons.

Customizable Columns for Any Device

Based on your needs, customize the number of columns for your posts on numerous devices like tablets, laptops, and mobile.

Excerpt Length Control

You can control the length of your posts excerpt so that users can get an initial idea about your posts within some specific lines.

Button and Link-Type “Read More”

Display the ‘Read More’ option for your posts in two stunning ways like ‘Button’ and ‘Link-Type’ for your users.

Show/Hide Navigation

You can show/hide the ‘Navigation’ option to let your users see your posts more easily one after another.

Customize the Navigation Arrows

You can customize the navigation ‘Arrow color’ and ‘Hover Color’ to give a pleasant look to your users’ eyes.

Image Resizing and Cropping

Make your posts more proportionate and eye-catching to the users by enabling/disabling the ‘Image Resizing & Cropping’ option.

Autoplay and Repeat Carousel Items

Make your users free from the hassle of scrolling the mouse repeatedly by activating the ‘Autoplay’ and ‘Repeat Posts’ for carousel items.