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WooCommerce shipping rates

How to Easily Calculate WooCommerce Shipping Rates for Your eCommerce Store

Being a eCommerce store owner, your business success doesn’t only depend on selling more products but also on some other factors that help grow your business. Fixing an accurate shipping rate is crucial to saving your site from extra expenses. Thus, it enables you to find more ways to keep your store and customers from additional costs. Moreover, customers will find your store more trustworthy if you fix an accurate WooCommerce shipping set up for the products they want to buy.

With that in mind, WordPress offers a good number of shipping plugins in the market that help you calculate your products’ shipping rates more accurately. Using a dynamic plugin can become a potential weapon to calculate shipping expenses accurately.

With that in mind, in this article, we are going to show how you can calculate WooCommerce shipping rates for your eCommerce store. To do that, we will use a dedicated shipping plugin to serve our purposes. Let’s scroll down and explore!

How to Calculate WooCommerce Shipping Rates for your eCommerce Shop?

Before starting the proceedings, we suggest you use ‘WordPress’ as the dedicated CMS for your website. Moreover, make sure to install ‘WooCommerce’ since the plugin we will use in this tutorial is dedicated to it. Let’s move forward.

Step 1: Install and activate ‘WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping’

Now, go to your site’s Dashboard Admin Menu Bar and click on Plugins➤Add New. You will be taken to the WordPress plugin repository page. Next, search for the plugin named ‘WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping’ in the Search Plugins box. Then, click on Install Now to activate the plugin.

Install 'WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping' to calculate WooCommerce shipping rates.

After successfully installing the plugin, It’s time to activate it. To do that, click on the Activate button.

Activate the plugin to fix WooCommerce shipping rates.


Step 2: Discover the ‘Settings’ tab

Now, you have activated ‘WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping’ on your site. Remember, you won’t find the plugin visible on your Dashboard Admin Menu Bar. Don’t panic. We are here for you. To search the plugin, go to WooCommerce➤Settings

Plugin settings to calculate WooCommerce shipping rates.

After successfully following the previous instructions, you will land on WooCommerce’s General Settings page. From here, click on the Shipping tab and you will be taken to the particular page related to ‘Shipping’.

Shipping tab to calculate WooCommerce shipping rates.

Now, you have landed on the Shipping page. It consists of three different tabs named Shipping zones, Shipping options, and Shipping classes. Let’s get an overview of all these three tabs so that it will make your WooCommerce shipping rate calculation process way easier and faster. 

Details of the shipping tab to fix WooCommerce shipping rates.

Firstly, you can include your products’ necessary shipping destination with the Shipping zones tab. To get into this tab, click on Add Shipping Zone. 

Inside of the shipping tab that helps calculate WooCommerce shipping rates easily.

Now, after clicking on ‘Add Shipping Zone’, you will find the option to add new shipping zones by providing their Zone name, Zone regions, and Shipping methods

In ‘Zone name’, provide the name of the country where you want to ship your goods. In ‘Zone regions’ select the name of the regions that are under that specific zone. Lastly, the ‘Shipping methods’ option defines what type of method you will use to calculate your WooCommerce shipping rates.

Different options in 'shipping zones' to calculate the WooCommerce shipping rates.

Step 3: Add your favourite shipping method

Now, you are ready to choose your favuorite shipping method. To do that, click on Add shipping method under Shipping methods.

Set your favourite shipping method to calculate the WooCommerce shipping rates.

Instantly, a popup window named Add shipping method will appear. 

Different methods to calculate the WooCommerce shipping rates.

Following that, choose Table Rate Shipping as your favourite shipping method from the list and then click on Add shipping method. That’s how ‘Table Rate Shipping’ will be set as your preferred shipping method. 

Select 'Table rate shipping' as your method to fix WooCommerce shipping rates.

Now, you can see Table Rate Shipping has been selected as the shipping method. There are options to Edit or Delete this method at any time you want. Besides, there is a button so that you can Enable or Disable this method anytime you need. If you want to add more shipping methods, then click on Add Shipping Method.

The 'Table Rate Shipping' method to calculate the WooCommerce shipping rates.

Step 4: Take a tour on ‘Table Rate Shipping’ page 

Next, we will explore the ‘Table Rate Shipping’ method. To do that, click on ‘Table Rate Shipping’ and then click on Add New in the ‘Table Rate Shipping’ page.

Add new shipping method to calculate the WooCommerce shipping rates.

Now, you have landed on the ‘Add New’ page under ‘Table Rate Shipping’. This page offers numerous options so that you can add new methods on your site. At first, Enable/Disable the new method by ticking or unticking the box. Next, write the name of the Method Title in the next box. 

Tax Status option defines whether the method is taxable or non taxable. With the Visibility option you can decide whether only the logged-in or all the users will see your method.

In Table Rates, calculate the shipping rate based on Total Weight or Total price from Minimum to maximum value. To make it clearer for you, We have already calculated a shipping rate here. You see, there are two different shipping rates in this list.

The first row indicates If the total price of the products is between 1 to 100 USD then the shipping rate costs 5 USD. The second row indicates if the shipping rate is between 101 to 200 USD, then shipping rate costs 10 USD. Moreover, you can set shipping rates for unlimited price rate with the *  sign as the maximum value.  

Besides, you have the option to Add New Rate here. Also, if you would like to delete a shipping rate, then click on Delete Selected Rates. After doing all the changes, don’t forget to click on the Save changes button to save all the changes you have made.     

Inside our newly created shipping method page to fix WooCommerce shipping rates.

Step 5; View shipping rate of your specific products on the cart page

Now, you are ready to view the product cart page where your calculated shipping rate is displayed based on the products’ price range you have recently set. Let’s take a look at this page. 

The Product indicates the items’ type in the cart. Price shows the respective price of each item. The Quantity displays the number of items displayed on the cart. The total price of each item’s displayed in the Subtotal option. If you want to make any change in the cart, then click on the Update cart to do this. 

The overall details of the cart page can be found in Cart totals. Here, the ‘Subtotal’ indicates the total prices of all the items. In ‘Shipping’, you will get the shipping rate based on the items’ price range. And finally, the ‘Total’ represents the total price rate of the cart. 

This is how you can effortlessly calculate the shipping rate of your products with the ‘WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping’ plugin. 

View products in the cart and the WooCommerce shipping rates has already been calculated here.

Features You Get More in ‘WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro’

From the guide above, you have learned how easy it is to calculate WooCommerce shipping rates with ‘WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping’. This plugin offers some extensive functionalities through which you can efficiently and accurately calculate your products’ shipping rates no matter what the price range is.

To make the WooCommerce shipping rates calculation process more dynamic, we recommend you use the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro as it offers numerous state-of-the-art features and functionalities that make the shipping rate calculation process more painstaking for you. Let’s take a glimpse of some of its notable features.

1. Compatible with WooCommerce built-in shipping classes: This plugin is fully responsive to WooCommerce built-in shipping classes. Moveover, to fix the shipping rate for both classified and unclassified items, just activate the ‘No Class Set’ option.

2. Set estimated delivery date: Don’t let customers stay in the dark. Make them sure about their products’ possible delivery date by using the ‘Estimated Delivery Date’ feature this plugin offers you.

3. Calculate the shipping rate based on the items’ weight: Fix the WooCommerce shipping rates based on items’ weight in lbs/kg. Just set a minimum and maximum weight value. Besides, you can fix an unlimited amount of minimum and maximum weight values. 

4. Add shipping rate based on the combination of item count and total price:  Save your valuable time and be more advanced by calculating the shipping rate on the combination of item count and total price. So, it won’t seem complex to calculate the shipping rate by calculating both the number of items and the total price.

So why wait. Explore this plugin to grab more features and functionalities to make your WooCommerce shipping rate calculation process easier and advanced. 

Wrapping Up

To make your eCommerce store achieve its desired goal, it’s crucial to satisfy your customers in the best ways possible. Considering this statement, you should have been careful about some factors besides selling quality products. Calculating an accurate shipping rate is one of them that makes your eCommerce store more trustworthy to the customers.

Therefore, we have shown you an easy guide on how to calculate the WooCommerce shipping rates using a dynamic WooCommerce plugin. That’s why it will become easier for you to effortlessly fix the shipping rates for your eCommerce store. If you have more ideas regarding this topic, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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