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Get the power to communicate with your audiences, customers, clients, or desired ones asynchronously with the most personalized communication system using video messaging, voice messaging, text messaging, screen recording with voiceover, and exclusive conversational forms feature.

  • Video MessageVideo Message
  • Voice MessageVoice Message
  • Text MessagesText Messages
  • Screen RecordScreen Record
  • Conversational/Multi-step FormsConversational/Multi-step Forms
Increase audience engagement
  • checkmarkBe engaging to customer inquiries & response them humanly
  • checkmarkLet your audience understand your responses & engage conveniently
  • checkmarkRespond clearly, concisely, and friendly through asynchronous video communication
Increase Satisfaction & Retention
  • checkmarkGet rid of the hassle of having to be in the same place at the same time
  • checkmarkProvide a more personal touch to your customer in seconds with video messaging
  • checkmarkGive your customer a way through screen recording to show the issues they may face
Increase Potential sales
  • checkmarkConvert prospects into customers and keep sales lights on.
  • checkmarkMake your website profitable by engaging with asynchronous video messaging
  • checkmarkCreate back-and-forth communication that's interactive and engaging in order to strengthen your sales.

Your all in one communication toolkit

HelpGent allows you to have asynchronous video messaging to communicate with anyone, anytime, without needing to be available at the same time.

With asynchronous voice messaging with HelpGent, you can leave a voice message for someone and they can respond at their convenience in the same way.

With the HelpGent screen recording & sharing feature, you can present any question you want to get the answer in a form of asynchronous messaging.

Communicate through engaging text messages by HelpGent that will get your audience talking asynchronously with an ease.

Transform conversations with interactive conversational & multi-step forms using HelpGent

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Reimagine user interactions with your audience

We're on a mission to transform communication, making it more engaging, efficient, and user-friendly.  You can create interactive, dynamic, and engaging forms that take your user interactions to the next level.

Screen per question with
frontend User dashboard

Break down your forms into easy-to-follow screens, each with a video explanation. No more confusion or uncertainty – your users will know exactly what to do. Give your users a centralized hub for further communication. From checking their responses to engaging with your team, it's all at their fingertips.

Conditional logic & admin collaboration

Tailor the user experience based on their input. Conditional logic ensures that each user's journey is personalized and relevant. Let multiple admins join the conversation. Your team can provide support and insights, ensuring users get the assistance they need.

Save incomplete form responses

Dive into the power of HelpGent's "Save Incomplete Data" feature, providing you with a comprehensive view of user insights, even from forms left unsubmitted or abandoned. It's a tool designed to capture every user's input, contributing to a deeper understanding of audience needs and preferences.

Why use HelpGent

Experience the future of communication with HelpGent. Engage, interact, and gather valuable insights like never before. Join the conversation now and take your customer engagement to the next level.

Conversational forms for better communication

HelpGent conversational forms are the key to unlocking better communication. They engage, they personalize, and they transform the way you connect with your audience.

Get personalized customer support with video message & screen recording

Our personalized support system will make sure your needs are always met. With asynchronous video messaging & screen recording, you'll be able to see and hear your customer. Along with voice & textual messages, a video record of your screen lets the agent see the issues in more detail.

Vocalize your message

Voice messaging by HelpGent adds a personal touch to your communication. Engage your audience with the warmth and authenticity of your spoken words, making connections that leave a lasting impact.

Text Message for flexible communication

HelpGent asynchronous text messaging offers the flexibility to communicate on your terms. Send and receive messages at your convenience, allowing for more productive and stress-free conversations.

Streamlining your workflow with
leading integrations

HelpGent is designed to streamline your workflow, providing you with a seamless and efficient experience with noteworthy integrations like Google Drive, Directorist, Bunny Cloud Storage, with many more in the pipeline!

What makes HelpGent special from all traditional methods

Live Chat
  • Live Chat happens real-time
  • Requires synchronous feedback from the recipients
  • Live Chat supports instant messaging
  • Conversation history cannot be found for further use
  • Can’t recover the interrupted conversation
  • Using HelpGent,conversation happens over time
  • Allows Asynchronous feedback from the recipient
  • HelpGent doesn’t need to send messages instantly as you get the flexibility
  • Conversation history is preserved for further use
  • You can recover the interrupted conversation anytime
Traditional Contact
  • After a person closes the site with your contact form, all answers disappear. They won’t be able to reread them
  • Much spam anticipated
  • Doesn’t allow any video and audio messaging
  • Doesn’t allow any screen recording & sharing
  • Not that much personalized
  • You can recover all conversation happened using HelpGent
  • Not spammy at all
  • HelpGent allows video and audio messaging with ease
  • Allow screen recording & sharing
  • Much personalized
Floating Chat Widgets
  • Constant presence of chat widgets can be disruptive to the user
  • Often block key page content
  • One needs to connect with customers in real time for delivering customer support
  • Do good but cost more
  • No screen sharing option
  • Doesn’t create any annoyance for users
  • No chance to block any page
  • It doesn’t require you to connect with your clients in real time for offering customer support
  • Does big while costs less
  • Screen sharing is a big YES

HelpGent in numbers

The numbers & reality are 100% factual. Statistics shows the real numbers & numbers always speak the truth. HelpGent can help you understand these numbers as indicated by the statistics.


68% of consumers prefer watching videos to learn about new products or services, as compared to other forms.


Nearly 50% of people watch more than five videos a day. It’s clear, video communication is ubiquitous.


Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.


A multi-step form beats a traditional web form, with an increase in terms of conversions that can even reach an astonishing 300%.

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