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How to create forms

Within the editor section, you’ll discover a wide range of customizable features for crafting questions, designing screens that are linked to these questions, previewing your question screens, accessing additional options related to your questions, and more.

In the editor, you have the option to create a new screen for your specific question type. Simply click on the “Add Screen” button provided in the attached interface and choose your desired question type. This action will result in the addition of a fresh screen.

Once you’ve added a new screen, a lot of customization options become available. You can switch the question type and access related settings under the “Question” section.

You can change the question type and find settings related to the question type under Question.

Moreover, you can effortlessly incorporate images or videos into your screen and observe real-time updates.

In the editor panel, you’ll encounter diverse design styles to enhance your screens. You have the liberty to customize the layout style, description style, button style, and image style to your liking. 

Additionally, screen layouts are adaptable, with three different options for you to select based on your preferences.

HelpGent is fully responsive across various devices, including mobile and tablets, allowing you to tailor the layout for these devices as needed.

After making your desired customizations and adjustments, you can easily preview the changes by clicking on the preview icon.