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HelpGent comes up with a very efficient conversation management system having a number of filtering features. All the messages that are sent from the users are stored in HelpGent → All Messages. The page is divided into 2 parts. On the left side, you will have All the conversations and on the right side, you will have the messages of each conversation.

All Conversations #

As you can see in the screenshot All the conversations are stacked on the left-side. In this part, Admin can sort the conversations in different orders, filter with tags, search any conversation, etc. All conversations section consists of the following features.

Order By: Currently an admin can sort the conversations into 4 different orders. These are Read, Unread, Latest, and Oldest.

Tags: For providing more filtering flexibility we have introduced tags that you can create and add tags to each of the conversations. This will make your conversation management a lot easier. You can create and assign tags from the 3 dot menu beside each conversation.

After clicking the Add Tag button the following pop-up will appear. You can add tags from here and determine which tags you want to use for this conversation.

Note: Any tag you create can be assigned to any of the conversations.

You can also see a Tags button at the top where all the tags are stored. You can search the tags from here and be sure if that tag is available or not. You can edit/ delete any tags from here as well.

Filter: Admin can filter the conversations in terms of tags. Moreover, Admin can directly search the conversation.

Archive: You can move any conversation to the archive folder by clicking the 3 dot menu->Archive

You can see all the conversations that are moved to the archive folder by clicking the archive button at the top.

Mark as Read/ Unread: You can mark any conversations as read/unread from the 3 dots menu.

Delete Conversations: You will also find the Delete conversations button in the 3 dots menu.

Individual Conversation #

On the right side of the All messages sections, the individual conversation is being handled. There are several features available here. Admin can reply to the users in 4 message types- Video record/upload, Voice record, Text, and Screen Share.

Furthermore, HelpGent offers search features in each of the conversations. You can search for any text of the conversations here. Moreover, you can look for video and voice messages as well. With the video button, only the videos of that conversation will appear. Similarly, with the voice button, only the voice messages of that conversation will appear.

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