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HepGent creates a page named All Messages by default for managing the conversations from the users’ end in the front end. Moreover, you can edit/ create all messages pages. You just have to include this shortcode,


Just like the backend, the All Messages page contains some similar features in terms of managing conversations.

All Conversations #

Unlike the backend admin panel, the front end does not have tags, archive, and delete options. However, all the following options are available.

Order By: Currently an admin can sort the conversations into 4 different orders. These are Read, Unread, Latest, and Oldest.

Mark as Read/ Unread: You can mark any conversations as read/unread from the 3 dots menu.

Individual Conversation #

On the right side of the All messages sections, the individual conversation is being handled. There are several features available here. Users can reply to the users within 4 message types, Video record/upload, Voice record, Text, and Screen Share.

Note: The screen record option is not available in the free version.

Furthermore, we also implemented the search features in each of the conversations. You can search for any text of the conversations here. Moreover, you can look for video and voice messages as well. With the video button, only the videos of that conversations will appear. Similarly, with the voice button, only the voice messages of that conversations will appear.

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